New Technologies

Keep up with rapid-fire technological change with SIGGRAPH. With a clear line of sight to the future,
you can thrive, collaborate, and evolve.

Build Your Skills

Why Siggraph?

Push the limits of possibility when you converge with visionaries from all over the world to improve user experiences, solve problems, and create impactful experiences. Since SIGGRAPH began over 40 years ago, it’s been the entry port for the newest technologies in computer graphics and interactive techniques.


SIGGRAPH helps you see beyond expanding horizons. Through Talks, Panels, Sessions, and Courses, you’ll hear from innovators who are plugged in to the most revolutionary advances. And through interactive demos, new research, and collaborations, you will broaden your mindset and bring your visions to life.


Immerse yourself in the Emerging Technologies and Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality areas of the Experience Hall to try out the latest interactive experiences and installations. Explore uncharted tech territory and welcome the most revolutionary advances in the industry.

See What’s Out There

The SIGGRAPH Exhibition lines up for you the most exciting advances in technology on the market. Speak with exhibitors to ask specific questions, understand their products inside and out, and test drive them yourself.


SIGGRAPH runs on the diverse insights and ideas of its attendees. Connect with minds as eager and curious as yours during events like the SIGGRAPH Reception, Birds of a Feather sessions, and Appy Hour. Build upon shared ideas, successes, and experiences to envision a bright and expansive future.