job fair

The Job Fair is the best place at SIGGRAPH 2019 for employers to meet with thousands of job seekers from around the globe! Join us 30 - 31 July, 2019

The Job Fair IS THE BEST PLACE to be if you want to:

  • Meet with seasoned professionals working in the creative industries.
  • Hire “right-brain” talent at SIGGRAPH 2019.
  • Promote your company, job openings, projects, and participation at SIGGRAPH 2019 to millions around the globe via
    the Job Board.
  • Reach an extremely diverse and experienced group of creative professionals working across multiple creative industries.
  • The Job Fair is produced by, THE Global Job Board Network for creative professionals in the animation & VFX (television, film), video game, software (tools, technology), multimedia and web design, mobile and wireless, advertising and marketing, architecture (design), education, and instruction industries.

The Job Fair IS THE BEST PLACE to be if you are:

  • Actively looking for a new job.
  • Passively networking to see what opportunities are available.
  • Interested in getting acquainted with some great companies.
  • Hoping to broaden your horizons and possibly switch industries.
  • Looking for career development tips.
  • Wanting to learn about the latest CG and interactive techniques.