Gaming & Interactive

Connect with other players in the industry to discover the newest software, techniques, and ideas that will take your work to the next level and enhance UX.


Recharge at SIGGRAPH, where you will explore the latest technology driving the future of Games, VR, AR, and MR. Collaborate with thousands of creators who are pushing the boundaries of interactive techniques, and see how to turn your vision into reality.


In Talks, Panels, Sessions, and Courses, you’ll hear from leaders who are accelerating progress in the industry and expanding what’s possible. Interactive demos, collaborations, and screenings will deepen your understanding and inspire you to pursue your vision.

Get Inspired

See it all with a 360 view of the industry, and get inspired by how others are using the latest technology to create rich, multilayered projects. Witness the future of immersive storytelling at the VR Theater, recharge your mind and spark your imagination in the Village, and see the future of interactive techniques unfold in real time at Real-Time Live!

See What’s Out There

The SIGGRAPH Exhibition showcases the latest software and hardware—all designed to revolutionize the way you work. Talk with exhibitors to understand their products, and test them out yourself. Learn how these new tools can maximize your productivity and create incredible results.


The diverse, supportive SIGGRAPH community gathers for the SIGGRAPH reception, Birds of a Feather sessions, and the Computer Animation Festival. Collaborate to engineer a bright industry future and go home refreshed!

Programs for You

Here we’ve compiled a selection of programs gaming and interactive professionals will find especially interesting:

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