Our high visibility promotional sponsorships and equipment and software sponsorships put your brand in front of our community of inquisitive minds. Consider how you can grow your brand with this valuable community.

2019 Sponsors

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When you become a sponsor of SIGGRAPH 2019, you have the opportunity to brand a program, display your marketing message throughout the L.A. Convention Center, and/or support a program with equipment or software. As a sponsor, your organization will enjoy prominent visibility for the entire conference week.

We work you to determine your needs and develop the perfect sponsorship packages for your organization’s goals and budget.

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Promotional Sponsorships

SIGGRAPH promotional opportunities are the best way to complete your marketing and branding message. Connect your brand with an attendee base that is looking for the best and latest technologies. Optimize your visibility by participating in one or more of SIGGRAPH 2019’s promotional opportunities.

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Equipment & Software Sponsorships

With equipment and software support from you and other organizations, SIGGRAPH is able to showcase over 900 pieces of content throughout 15 programs, with 1,500 speakers and contributors. Equipment and software sponsorships are a vital part of the conference. They can include donations of workstations to support the various SIGGRAPH programs, AR/VR headsets, software suites, and other appropriate technologies.

Sponsorship Levels are determined by the value of the equipment if SIGGRAPH had to rent the same or similar equipment for the week of the conference.


Diamond: $50,000+ in equipment, software, or revenue provided

Gold: $25,000 – $49,999 in equipment, software, or revenue provided

Silver: $15,000 – $24,999 in equipment, software, or revenue provided

Classic: Up to $14,999 in equipment, software, or revenue provided

What Your Organization Receives

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