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VR Theater

The VR Theater showcases the best of the best in virtual reality short-form narratives to highlight and celebrate the evolution of a new medium.

Step into new worlds―observe, join in, and fully experience unique narratives.

The Computer Animation Festival’s VR Theater is a marquee destination in the conference’s Experience Hall that showcases state-of-the-art virtual reality storytelling. It is a juried program that is presented in a beautiful, panoramic theater and in colocated kiosks.

As the art form evolves, it becomes more interactive, more social, and more accessible. This year, the VR Theater subcommittee is looking for works of art that are experimenting with new ideas, including how the audience may participate in the story.

To expand the accessibility of the VR Theater, the 2019 iteration will have more single-viewer VR Theater kiosks placed around the main venue than ever. Kiosks will showcase expansive content that doesn’t fit into the one-hour screening format. The pieces presented in kiosks will celebrate innovative work that is experimenting with new hardware, is more interactive-heavy, or shows brilliant ideas from small, independent teams. Kiosks are open to any attendee with access to the Experience Hall.

Established just 2 years ago, the VR Theater has quickly become the talk of the conference and a hot ticket to get. Keep this page bookmarked for updates on how you can get a ticket as the conference approaches.


Maxwell Planck

VR Theater Chair

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The call for submissions for this program Is now open. Share your work with the VR Theater at SIGGRAPH.

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VR Theater

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