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VR Theater

As the VR narrative medium evolves, the SIGGRAPH VR Theater highlights and celebrates the creative content that’s fueling its momentum.

Step into new worlds―observe, join in, and fully experience unique narratives.

The Computer Animation Festival’s VR Theater is dedicated to creating a marquee destination at the conference that showcases the thriving state of the art in virtual reality storytelling. Some of the most exciting work happening in the VR space is focusing on being accessible, social, and engaging.

For 2019, we are broadening our submission requirements to include new devices, experiments in the social narrative, and playful experiences. We will be exhibiting the best of single visitor experiences and bringing attendees together to experience new story ideas in a shared virtual space.

With just two years under its belt, the VR Theater has already built a name for itself and in 2019, it will continue to amaze and inspire. Come check it out for yourself and enjoy a diverse, explorative program at SIGGRAPH 2019.


Maxwell Planck

VR Theater Chair

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The call for submissions for this program will open in early 2019!


26 Mar

VR Theater

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