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Exhibitor Sessions: NVIDIA Presents: Progress Toward Real-Time, Photo-Realistic Digital Humans
Event TypeExhibitor Sessions
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Arts & Design
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New Technologies
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New Technologies
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TimeMonday, 29 July 201911am - 12:15pm
LocationRoom 501AB
DescriptionSpeakers: Danielle Costa, VP, Visual Effects (Marvel Studio); Doug Roble, Senior Director of Software R&D (Digital Domain); Vladimir Mastilovic, Director of Digital Humans (Epic Games); Simon Yuen, Director, Graphics AI (NVIDIA)

Talk Description: One of the most famously difficult things to recreate digitally, is a believable human. All of us are experts at detecting the nuances in human faces and movement, making the creation of digital humans incredibly hard to master. How is the industry addressing these challenges today, and what does the future hold for digital humans? Join our panel of industry luminaries as they shed light on the tools and techniques of everything from facial performance and human locomotion, to the future of fully autonomous digital humans capable of two-way dialog and behavior modeling.

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