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Liquid to Air: Pneumatic Objects
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Session TimeSunday, 28 July 20191:30pm - 5:30pmMonday, 29 July 201910am - 5:30pmTuesday, 30 July 201910am - 5:30pmWednesday, 31 July 201910am - 5:30pmThursday, 1 August 201910am - 3:30pm
LocationSouth Hall K
DescriptionLiquid Printed Pneumatics is a project developed by the MIT, Self-Assembly Lab and Swiss designer Christophe Guberan that focuses on the 3D printing of pneumatically activated objects. Rapid Liquid Printing (RLP), a new additive manufacturing process developed at the lab, is used to create shape changing devices and objects.
Bjorn Sparrman
MIT Self-Assembly Lab
Schendy Kernizan
MIT Self-Assembly Lab
Jared Laucks
MIT Self-Assembly Lab
Skylar Tibbits
MIT Self-Assembly Lab
Christophe Guberan
Product Designer
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