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Perception of Virtual Characters
Level Beginner
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Session TimeSunday, 28 July 20192pm - 3:30pm
LocationTheatre 411
DescriptionThis course will introduce students, researchers, and digital artists to the recent results in perceptual research on virtual characters. It covers how both technical and artistic aspects that constitute the appearance of a virtual character influence human perception.
Prerequisites A general understanding of the character creation pipeline in computer graphics is recommended.
Intended Audience This course is suited for students who want to get an overview of recent developments of perceptual research on virtual characters and identify open topics. Furthermore, this course is particularly designed for researchers and artists who work on virtual characters but are less familiar with the perceptual research.
Rachel McDonnell
Trinity College Dublin
Eduard Zell
Trinity College Dublin
Katja Zibrek
Trinity College Dublin
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P/V Yes
Interest Areas
Gaming & Interactive
New Technologies
Production & Animation
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Production & Animation
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