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Path Guiding in Production
Level Intermediate
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Session TimeSunday, 28 July 20192pm - 5:15pm
LocationRoom 403AB
DescriptionWe share our practical experience with path guiding that we gained from production rendering systems at Weta Digital and the Walt Disney Animation Studios and also from our research in this area. We provide suggestions for important avenues of future research. We also cover introduction to path guiding.
Prerequisites A basic understanding of path tracing and Monte Carlo integration.
Intended Audience Industry and academic researchers, developers of production rendering systems targeting movie industry or architecture visualization, rendering practitioner interested in technology.
Jiří Vorba
Weta Digital
Johannes Hanika
Weta Digital
Sebastian Herholz
University of Tübingen
Jaroslav Křivánek
Charles University, Prague
Render Legion
Alexander Keller
Thomas Müller
Photography and Recording Policies
P/V No
Interest Areas
Production & Animation
Primary Interest Areas
Production & Animation
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