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Level Intermediate
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Session TimeSunday, 28 July 20199am - 10:30am
LocationTheatre 411
DescriptionThis course will cover the compact volume data structure and various tools available in the open source library OpenVDB. Last year, this open source project was the first to be adopted by the new Academy Software Foundation (ASWF) and the Linux Foundation.
Prerequisites A rudimentary knowledge of typical workflows for volumetric modeling and/or simulations, e.g., voxels, iso-surfaces, level sets, and voxelization. Knowledge of C++ is also advantageous but by no means required.
Intended Audience This course is targeting both practitioners of OpenVDB, e.g., FX artists, and software engineers who wish to use our library in their own software projects.
Ken Museth
Weta Digital
Ken Museth
Weta DigitalWeta Digital
Nick Avramoussis
Dan Bailey
ILM Vancouver
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