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A Deep Dive Into Universal Scene Description and Hydra
Level Intermediate
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Session TimeSunday, 28 July 20192pm - 5:15pm
LocationRoom 408AB
DescriptionJoin Pixar developers to learn about Universal Scene Description, Hydra, and their use in Pixar's pipeline. Topics are intermediate to advanced. Ever wondered what LIVRPS means or what a scene delegate is? Come find out!
Prerequisites We will briefly review core Universal Scene Description (USD) concepts, but a basic level of familiarity with USD will help attendees get the most benefit from the covered material. Knowledge of rendering technologies, both interactive and offline, will also help attendees benefit from the advanced discussions of Hydra.
Intended Audience This course is intended for technical audience members, like pipeline developers and software engineers.
George ElKoura
Pixar Animation Studios
Sebastian Grassia
Pixar Animation Studios
Sunya Boonyatera
Pixar Animation Studios
Pol Jeremias-Vila
Pixar Animation Studios
Matt Kuruc
Pixar Animation Studios
Alex Mohr
Pixar Animation Studios
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