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Capture4VR: From VR Photography to VR Video
Level Intermediate
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Session TimeThursday, 1 August 20192pm - 5:15pm
LocationTheatre 411
DescriptionThis course provides a comprehensive overview of the latest progress in bringing photographs and video into VR – a journey that began more than a century ago but has accelerated tremendously in the last five years. We discuss commercial state-of-the-art systems as well as the latest research techniques and prototypes.
Prerequisites This course assumes a basic knowledge of imaging, computer vision and graphics, and virtual reality.
Intended Audience Researchers, developers, students, visual producers, and creators who are interested in recent technical progress and commercial developments in VR photography and video.
Christian Richardt
University of Bath
Peter Hedman
University College London
Ryan S. Overbeck
Google LLC
Brian Cabral
Robert Konrad
Stanford University
Steve Sullivan
Photography and Recording Policies
P/V No
Interest Areas
New Technologies
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New Technologies
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