Up to 12 candidates share three-minute oral presentations of innovative ideas live at a special session at SIGGRAPH 2019.


ACM SIGGRAPH is holding its second annual Thesis Fast Forward program at SIGGRAPH 2019 to provide more young presenters with a platform for sharing innovative ideas and gaining valuable exposure.

The central element of the submission will be a three-minute video presentation by the candidate and an abstract, explaining the central theme of their thesis. The intent is to make the presentation accessible to a non-expert audience, representative of the typical cross-section of SIGGRAPH conference attendees.

Based on the video submissions and, as a secondary criterion on the provided abstracts, a jury will select up to 12 candidates who will be asked to perform three-minute oral presentations live at a special session at SIGGRAPH 2019. A panel of experts will provide immediate commentary after each live presentation and select a best performance. The live presentations will be judged solely on the content of the live three-minute presentation.


Perception Based Algorithms for Creating Realistic Animation
Yuzhu Dong

Research on Refinement and Real-time Editing of Expression for 3DCG Character Animation
Takuya Kato

Soft Segmentation of Images
Yagiz Aksoy

Image and Video Decomposition and Editing
Jianchao Tan

Compositing Real and Virtual Objects with Realistic, Color-Accurate Illumination
Chloe LeGendre

Deformable Beamsplitters: Enhancing Perception with Wide Field of View, Varifocal Augmented Reality Displays
David Dunn

Scalable exploration of 3D massive models
Alberto Jaspe Villanueva

Computational Answers to Fundamental Questions in Soft Robotics: Design, Modeling and Control
James Bern

Illumination information recovery for indoor scenes and its applications to rendering
Marc-Andre Gardner

Shaping Egocentric Experiences with Wearable Cybernic Interfaces
Jun Nishida

Designing miniature computational cameras for photography, microscopy, and artificial intelligence
Vivek Boominathan

Simulating Vision Impairments in VR and AR
Katharina Krösl

Towards Improving Human Perception and Interaction with Computer Agents
Moshe Bitan

All selected candidates are awarded an upgradeable Select Conference registration.