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Exhibitor Sessions: Intel Exhibitor Session: Intel Open Image Denoise – Optimized CPU Denoising
Event TypeExhibitor Sessions
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Gaming & Interactive
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TimeWednesday, 31 July 201910am - 10:30am
LocationRoom 406B
DescriptionOpen Image Denoise (OIDN) is a newly released open-source AI denoiser for the CPU. Without a set hardware dependency, OIDN can denoise monte carlo ray tracing on a wide range of devices while utilizing full system memory; allowing the rendering and denoising of large-scale scenes at interactive rates. OIDN has already been implemented in several digital content creation (DCC) applications such as Maxxon's Cinema4D and Unity, with a growing list of users. This talk will focus on real-world use cases of OIDN, highlighting performance and quality comparisons.

Speaker: Carson Brownlee

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