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Exhibitor Sessions: Intel Exhibitor Session: Ray Tracing With Intel Embree and Intel OSPRay – Use Cases and Updates
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TimeWednesday, 31 July 20199am - 10am
LocationRoom 406B
DescriptionEmbree provides a set of highly optimized CPU ray tracing kernels designed to be easily implemented in new and existing renderers to both save developers time and achieve significant performance gains. In this talk, we outline many real-world use cases of Embree in production rendering and how best to utilize the kernels in typical rendering pipelines. We will cover new and upcoming features from our demand-driven feature set.

OSPRay is the Open, Scalable, and Portable ray tracing engine developed by Intel and built on top of Embree. It was designed for interactive to real-time ray tracing performance using basic ray tracing and a photorealistic path tracers on a wide range of devices from laptops, to workstations, to distributed-memory clusters. By utilizing an MPI communication layer, distributed-memory clusters can be used for rendering complex renders faster or handling larger data across aggregate memory. Due to the open-source Apache 2.0 license and portable nature of OSPRay, it can both be adapted to use a wide range of rendering pipelines as well as be a source of reference code to be used in other renderers. Through a USD hydra rendering integration, it can be used for large-scale rendering in many existing applications with Hydra plugins.

Speaker: Stefan Werner

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