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Exhibitor Sessions: Intel Exhibitor Session: Enhancing and Accelerating Your AI and Machine Learning Solution Through Intel Integrated Graphics
Event TypeExhibitor Sessions
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TimeWednesday, 31 July 201911am - 12pm
LocationRoom 406B
DescriptionArtificial intelligence and machine learning made significant advancements in recent years in various areas including computer vision, natural language processing, medical science, businesses among many other things. With AI technologies people are solving complex problem which were very difficult in the past. With this talk, will talk about how Intel® Processor Graphics technology can help accelerate these machine learning and AI workloads to satisfy the needs.

Will talk about how Intel® Processor Graphics is accelerating and enabling complex ML use cases through various high level ML frameworks like: CoreML, WinML, OpenVino, WebML etc. Will also give an overview of these high level frameworks and how they interface with Intel hardware.

This will also touch on 11th generation Intel® Processor Graphics and acceleration it provides and improvements that have been made compared to previous generation of Intel® Processor Graphics. Will share key performance matrix for the same.

This talk will also touch on the Machine Learning training framework “CreateML for macOS” which brings machine learning training to the edge through Intel® Processor Graphics.

Speaker: Hisham Chowdhury

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