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Exhibitor Sessions: Intel Exhibitor Session: Bringing the Future of Entertainment to Your Living Room – MPEG-I Immersive Video
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TimeTuesday, 30 July 20199am - 10am
LocationRoom 406B
DescriptionMPEG is developing a suite of standards called "MPEG-I", with I = Immersive. One part of the MPEG-I standard will be "Metadata for Immersive Video" or MIV. MIV enables real world content captured by cameras to be viewed by users with 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) of movement, similar to a VR experience with synthetic content. MIV's 6DoF functionality supports motion parallax, e.g. relative visual positions of objects change based on viewer position, which cannot be provided with flat 360° video, which is limited to 3 DoF.

MPEG reviewed responses to a Call for Proposals (CfP) in March 2019, and has produced a first working draft and test model of the MIV standard specification which is planned to be finalized in 2020. The design uses multiple HEVC video codecs to represent texture and depth at multiple camera positions. At the client, 3D rendering engines perform view synthesis from the multiple texture and depth views to generate a user viewport based on the user's 6DoF position and orientation.

Speaker: Jill Boyce, Intel

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