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Exhibitor Sessions: Intel Exhibitor Session: Using Variable Rate Shading to Improve the User Experience in Real-time Game Engines
Event TypeExhibitor Sessions
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Gaming & Interactive
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TimeMonday, 29 July 201912:30pm - 1:30pm
LocationRoom 406B
DescriptionIn this presentation we will discuss a new feature available in the latest release of DirectX12and supported on Intel Gen11 Graphics Hardware called Variable Rate Shading (VRS). We will first present an overview of the DX12 VRS API and best practices of the use of the feature on Intel hardware. Then we will talk about our experience modifying traditional 3D effects including depth of field and particle systems to leverage Variable Rate Shading. We will share our results and insights gained from these experiments and provide recommendations of how to use VRS in your rendering pipeline. Finally, we will have demos and/or videos to showcase these techniques that show performance and visual quality results .

Speakers: Adam Lake, Filip Strugar, Kelly Gawne

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