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Exhibitor Sessions: NVIDIA Presents: Deep Learning for Content Creation and Real-Time Rendering
Event TypeExhibitor Sessions
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Arts & Design
Gaming & Interactive
New Technologies
Production & Animation
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Gaming & Interactive
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TimeSunday, 28 July 20192pm - 5:15pm
LocationRoom 501AB
DescriptionSpeakers: Don Brittain, Principal Engineer (NVIDIA); Ming-Yu Liu, Principal Research Scientist (NVIDIA); Jos Stam, Graphics Research (NVIDIA); Chris Hebert, Devtech Engineer (NVIDIA); Simon Yuen, Director, Graphics AI (NVIDIA)

Deep learning continues to gather momentum as a critical tool in content creation for both real-time and offline applications. Join NVIDIA's research team to learn about some of the latest applications of deep learning to the creation of realistic environments and lifelike character behavior. Speakers will discuss deep learning technology and their applications to pipelines for film, games, and simulation.

Introduction - Don Brittain, Principal Engineer (NVIDIA) A Style-Based Generator Architecture for Generative Adversarial Networks - Ming-Yu Liu, Principal Research Scientist (NVIDIA) The Adjoint Technique - Jos Stam, Graphics Research (NVIDIA) Deep Learning – Practical Considerations on the Workstation - Chris Hebert, Devtech Engineer (NVIDIA) Deep Learning for Animation - Simon Yuen, Director, Graphics AI (NVIDIA)

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