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AffectiveHMD: Facial Expression Recognition in Head Mounted Display Using Embedded Photo Reflective Sensors
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Session TimeSunday, 28 July 20191:30pm - 5:30pmMonday, 29 July 201910am - 5:30pmTuesday, 30 July 201910am - 5:30pmWednesday, 31 July 201910am - 5:30pmThursday, 1 August 201910am - 3:30pm
LocationSouth Hall K
DescriptionIn this exhibition, we demonstrate facial expression recognition technology inside the head-mounted display (HMD) using photo reflective sensors and machine learning. By acquiring reflection intensity information with a number of optical sensors embedded in HMD and training a machine learning system, our system is able to recognize intermediate facial expressions.
Masaaki Murakami
Keio University
Kosuke Kikui
Keio University
Katsuhiro Suzuki
Keio University
Fumihiko Nakamura
Keio University
Masaaki Fukuoka
Keio University
Katsutoshi Masai
Keio University
Yuta Sugiura
Keio University
Maki Sugimoto
Keio University
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