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The Beauty of Breaking Rhythms: Affective Robot Motion Design Using Jo-Ha-Kyu of Bunraku Puppet
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Session TimeSunday, 28 July 201910:45am - 12:15pm
LocationRoom 403AB
DescriptionUNESCO intangible cultural heritages Bunraku puppets play one of the most beautiful puppet motions in the world. Their sophisticated motions can express emotions interactively with a fixed facial expression overcoming the “Uncanny Valley.” In this research, we present a robot motion design framework based on the Jo-ha-kyū and deep learning.
Yang Chen
The University of Tsukuba
Ran Dong
The University of Tsukuba
Dongsheng Cai
The University of Tsukuba
Shinobu Nakagawa
The Osaka University of Arts
Tomonari Higaki
The Osaka University of Arts
Nobuyoshi Asai
The University of Aizu
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