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TeeVR: Spatial Template-Based Acquisition, Modeling, and Rendering of Large-Scale Indoor Spaces
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Session TimeSunday, 28 July 20191:30pm - 5:30pmMonday, 29 July 201910am - 5:30pmTuesday, 30 July 201910am - 5:30pmWednesday, 31 July 201910am - 5:30pmThursday, 1 August 201910am - 3:30pm
LocationSouth Hall K
DescriptionWe demonstrate an efficient alternative to conventional image-based rendering for large-scale spaces. Our key approach is based on a spatial template, which solely includes architectural geometric primitives. The predictability of spatial template improves the efficiency of acquisition, storage, and rendering. Thereby, modeling and rendering of larger indoor spaces is possible.
Nakju Doh
Korea University
TeeLabs Co., Ltd.
Hyunga Choi
Korea University
Bumchul Jang
Korea University
TeeLabs Co., Ltd.
Sangmin Ahn
Korea University
TeeLabs Co., Ltd.
Hyojin Jung
Sungkyunkwan University
TeeLabs Co., Ltd.
Sungkil Lee
Sungkyunkwan University
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