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Deep Learning: A Crash Course
Level Beginner
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Session TimeSunday, 28 July 20199am - 12:15pm
LocationRoom 408AB
DescriptionDeep learning is changing how computer graphics gets done, just as it's changing our cultures and societies. In this course, we'll cover the key ideas that enable these technologies. We take a friendly, conceptual approach that doesn't involve any math or code, focusing on developing a solid understanding of the fundamentals. The talk is profusely illustrated.
Prerequisites A curious mind and a ready smile. We use no math (besides occasional addition and multiplication) and no programming. If you want to know this information and you've come to SIGGRAPH, you're fully prepared for this course.
Intended Audience Our audience is every SIGGRAPH attendee. Whether a hardcore technologist, an intuitive artist, a manager or executive, or anyone else who's curious about deep learning and how it works, with an eye towards using it for their own projects.
Andrew Glassner
The Imaginary Institute
Andrew Glassner
The Imaginary Institute
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