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Frontiers Workshop
Cybersickness: Causes and Solutions
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Session TimeSunday, 28 July 20199am - 5pm
LocationRoom 507
DescriptionThe primary purpose of the workshop is to improve the understanding of and discuss potential solutions for cybersickness, the motion sickness associated with immersive environments. The workshop will be a full-day deep dive into cybersickness, including review of the challenges XR technology pose to human physiology, the magnitude of the problem, (variability in) susceptibility, and decay rates. Participants will help in devising potential solutions and developing a Cybersickness Research Roadmap that identifies critical, cybersickness-relevant research questions that need to be addressed in order to realize the safe and effective proliferation of XR technology.


  • Predicting and Preventing Cybersickness - Bas Rokers

  • Human System Adaptation and its Significance to Extended Realities - Cali Fidopiastis

  • Postural instability and cybersickness - Thomas Stoffregen

  • Implications of motion sickness for military operations: from training to the battlefield - Mark Dennison

  • A Reconsideration of Some Factors Thought to Contribute to Sickness During Real or Apparent Motion - Benton Lawson

  • Multisensory reweighting and cybersickness - Seamas Weech

Bas Rokers
New York University
Kay Stanney
Design Interactive, Inc.
Bas Rokers
New York University
Predicting and Preventing Cybersickness
Cali Fidopiastis
Design Interactive Inc.
Thomas Stoffregen
University of Minnesota
Mark Dennison
U.S. Army Research Laboratory West
Ben Lawson
Lawson Consulting
Séamas Weech
University of Waterloo
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Gaming & Interactive
New Technologies
Research & Education
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Gaming & Interactive
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