Marvel Studios' Victoria Alonso Keynotes SIGGRAPH 2019

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Educator’s Forum

Those who do, teach. SIGGRAPH 2019's Educator’s Forum aims to inspire those who teach, from K-12 through undergraduate and graduate programs, with ideas from industry, research, and academia.

The Educator’s Forum offers a carefully tailored program for educators.

The Educator’s Forum is devoted entirely to content for educators, allowing you to optimize your conference experience and recharge for the upcoming school year.

SIGGRAPH 2019’s Educator’s Forum will showcase material that comes through SIGGRAPH’s Unified Jury in the form of panels, talks, courses, and Groovy Graphics Assignments. We want to see and hear how the latest graphics research can be woven into the classroom, and we want to hear from the industry as to what skillsets they want their newest employees to have.

Returning to this year’s conference are the Groovy Graphics Assignments (scroll down for more information on submissions), where each is meant to be ready for Educators to use in the classroom. Also returning to this year’s conference is the popular collaboration with ACM Special Interest Group Computer Science Education (SIGCSE), where content from SIGCSE will be re-presented at SIGGRAPH 2019. Similarly, education-related content from SIGGRAPH 2019 will be invited to be reprised at SIGCSE 2020 in a reciprocal program.

Education Liaison

Andrew Duchowski

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