Adaptive Technology

Accessibility is an integral part of the exciting, inclusive future SIGGRAPH has always helped facilitate. Every day, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, as well as other new technologies or applications, inform the field with new possibilities that transform and enhance lives. See what’s new!

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Technology is being utilized in powerful new ways.

From VR to 3D, there has been great advancement in technology that aims to assist people in their daily struggles. At SIGGRAPH, we have witnessed not only further development of existing ideas and equipment, but also a broadening of uses for it. Many programs across SIGGRAPH, like Courses, Emerging Technologies, Panels, Studio, Talks, and Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality, have created a foundation for new ways computer graphics and interactive techniques can help alternatively abled people in their day-to-day lives. We invite all to see how technology can help people with different abilities thrive. Likewise, attendees are encouraged to join the discussion, sharing how their fields can assist in the development of adaptive technology.

Adaptive Technology Co-Chair

Dylan Moore

Adaptive Technology Co-Chair

Natalie Rountree

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